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Property managers of apartments, condos or other multi-family dwellings can receive free assistance from Hamilton County R3Source to reduce waste and start a recycling program. 

What Eligible Properties Receive

Eligible properties receive:

  • A consultation meeting and a customized recycling plan
  • Interior recycling containers
  • Coordination of recycling services with your waste hauler
  • Education about recycling

Success Stories

Recycling can save you money! Property managers often reduce their total solid waste management costs if residents recycle enough material to decrease the trash container size or collection frequency. This is because many haulers collect recycling at a lower cost than the collection and disposal of an equal volume of trash.

Interested in hearing how others achieved success? Read about multi-family recycling programs in effect in Hamilton County.

Reducing & Reusing Tips

By reducing and reusing, your property doesn't need to pay to dispose of items. In addition to benefitting the bottom line, reducing and reusing can help residents live more comfortably and save money.

In the Office

  • Maintain an electronic filing system
  • Print double-sided (set this as default)
  • Opt to receive electronic bills (instead of paper)
  • Email or text messages to residents instead of printing newsletters and letters 
  • Use rechargeable batteries

For Residents

  • Host a community yard sale/swap 
  • Promote OLIO, Nextdoor, freecycle, and craigslist to help residents re-home food and household items
  • Provide a corkboard for residents to advertise usable items they no longer want
  • Designate a swap area in a communal space for usable household items and moving boxes 
  • Encourage a sharing community for meals, tools, etc.

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